Thursday, 30 August 2012

Fascists in Germany more violent

Fascist groups in Germany are not only increasing by the day, they are also getting more violent. They are holding more demonstrations and staging manifestations in many parts of the country. But their violent acts are the most worrying side of the problem, and in this area they are stepping up their activities. The targets are mostly people with leftwing beliefs and leftwing organisations. Last week a member of the socialist youth movement, Die Falken, was attacked in Berlin after het removed a fascist sticker from a lamp post.

He was beaten and kicked by masked men en his life was threatened. After the attack he needed hospital treatment. This is not the only violent incident. The home of a member of parliament of Die Linke party, also in Berlin, was recently attacked by fascist youths and a number of windows were smashed. Other targets have been buildings of leftwing organisations and youth camps organized by leftwing youth movements and community groups.
The fascists are trying to increase the fear and drive their opponents of the streets. The German authorities claim that they are taking action, but in practice this amounts to very little. We should expect nothing from the authorities, because when it comes down to it they will always turn a blind eye and let the fascists carry out their despicable deeds.

Only the people can, through mass action, smash the fascists into the ground. Complaining is no use because the fascists will not disappear after a little disapproval. The extreme right must be blocked and smashed everywhere. The best way to fight them is through mass action, but hitting back directly is not out of the question. History has taught us that waiting and doing nothing will in the end cost many lives. So don’t hesitate and smash the fascists into the ground where ever they appear. It is a matter of life or death!!  

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